Latest Bee & Beekeeping News From Around the World

22 Feb 2024: Stunning bee photographs shine light on the life (and death) of more than 20,000 species-

22 Feb 2024: UK Solar Parks Proven Beneficial for Bees, Butterflies-

22 Feb 2024: Greek beekeepers take hives to parliament in protest-

15 Feb 2024: Girl, 9, stung 500 times by bees survived attack due to ‘divine intervention’-

13 Feb 2024: National plan to slow varroa mite spread in Australia focuses on beekeeper education-

13 Feb 2024: UW Researcher Learns How Nectar-Laden Honey Bees Avoid Overheating-

12 Feb 2024: Lasers will target pest ravaging honey bees-

12 Feb 2024: Distribution of infectious and parasitic agents among three sentinel bee species across European agricultural landscapes-

7 Feb 2024: Asian hornet warning as bee-killers could bring ‘ecological nightmare’ to UK-

6 Feb 2024: ‘Bee protection’ offsets are as flawed as tree-planting schemes-

5 Feb 2024: Honey bees can handle the heat, but that still may not save them from climate change-

1 Feb 2024: “Bee bus stops” are coming to an English town to help save pollinators and fight climate change impacts-

31 Jan 2024: Colombian Researchers Patent Formula To Protect Bees From Insecticides-

31 Jan 2024: Luminescent bees with ‘unusual metallic reflections’ are discovered as new species-

30 Jan 2024: Bees Are More at Risk When Pesticides Are Sprayed Near Hives-

29 Jan 2024: Bees Influenced the Dazzling Colors of Flowers Through Light Sensing Cells, Study Shows-

29 Jan 2024: Bee study reveals environmental vulnerability and food production threat-

26 Jan 2024: The first flowers evolved before bees—so how did they become so dazzling?-

26 Jan 2024: Injured bees tend their own wounds, which suggests they feel pain-

25 Jan 2024: Apiculture Market is projected to reach US$ 15.3 Billion by 2032-

24 Jan 2024: The vegan farce that is ‘bee-free’ honey will spell disaster for bees, farmers and all of us-

23 Jan 2024: Some honeybees in Italy regularly steal pollen off the backs of bumblebees-

23 Jan 2024: A longitudinal field study of commercial honey bees shows that non-native probiotics do not rescue antibiotic treatment, and are generally not beneficial-

23 Jan 2024: UK greenlights pesticides as eco advocates warn bees and food systems will be harmed-

18 Jan 2024: Anger as government allows banned bee-killing pesticides for fourth year in a row-

17 Jan 2024: Pathogenic puzzle: NanoSIMS imaging unlocks bees’ ability to synthesize nutrients for microbes-

17 Jan 2024: Scientists are using AI to study bee behavior, zebra movement, and insects on treadmills-

17 Jan 2024: Bees Nourish Their Own Gut Bacteria-

16 Jan 2024: Flying, nectar-loaded honey bees conserve water and improve heat tolerance by reducing wingbeat frequency and metabolic heat production-

16 Jan 2024: Bees produce nutrients for their gut bacteria-

15 Jan 2024: Bees synthesize nutrients to nourish their gut microbiota-

15 Jan 2024: Experts explain mysterious mass death of three million bees at California sanctuary-

15 Jan 2024: Asian hornets killing off honeybees in Europe, say MEPs-

14 Jan 2024: Do they see what we see? Bees and wasps join humans in being tricked by illusions of quantity-

13 Jan 2024: Keep cold-blooded bees warm to ensure optimum produce, experts tell beekeepers-

12 Jan 2024: Experts crack case of 3 MILLION bees that died in 24 hours in California… and results point to ‘malice’-

12 Jan 2024: Beekeeping is among the hot hobby trends for 2024 – thanks to celebrities who do so-

12 Jan 2024: Probiotics for Honey Bees: How Beneficial Microbes Could Boost Hive Health-

11 Jan 2024: Individual honey bee tracking in a beehive environment using deep learning and Kalman filter-

10 Jan 2024: The surprising link between air pollution and declining honeybee populations-

10 Jan 2024: Deadly parasite wiping out bees with viruses, research finds-

10 Jan 2024: How genetics can revolutionize 100-year old strategies failing to protect honeybees-

9 Jan 2024: Field Study of Bumble Bees Finds Exposure to Chemical Mixtures, High Hazard, Flawed Regulation-

8 Jan 2024: Nutrition needs drive bee appetites: New research findings may help to boost pollinator health, resilience-

8 Jan 2024: Bees’ Needs champion awards: 2023 to 2024-

8 Jan 2024: Protecting Pollinators: Researchers develop first-ever vaccine for honey bees-

8 Jan 2024: Grassland vertical height heterogeneity predicts flower and bee diversity: an UAV photogrammetric approach-

5 Jan 2024: Gardening helps protect threatened bees in Arizona-

4 Jan 2024: Why are bees making less honey? Study reveals clues from five decades of data-

3 Jan 2024: Colorado Gov. Jared Polis releases results of pollinator study, wants to protect bees, butterflies-

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